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Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies - An introduction

- Edité par : Alessandro Bausi (General Editor), Pier Giorgo Borbone, Françooise Briquel-Chatonnet, Paola Buzzi, Jost Gippert, Caroline Macé
Marinela Maniaci, Zisis Melissakis, Laura E. Parodi, Witold Witakowski

Hambourg, 2015
Éditeur : Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies (COMSt)

Edité par :
Alessandro Bausi (General Editor)
Pier Giorgo Borbone
Françooise Briquel-Chatonnet
Paola Buzzi
Jost Gippert
Caroline Macé
Marinela Maniaci
Zisis Melissakis
Laura E. Parodi
Witold Witakowski

Project editor Eugenia Sokolinski

677 p. , 10 cartes, 27 tableaux, 177 fig.

ISBN 978-3-7323-1768-4( exemplaire relié)
ISBN 978-3-7323-1770-7 (exemplaire broché)
ISBN 978-3-7323-1769-1 (exemplaire numérique téléchargeable ICI)

The present volume is the main achievement of the Research Networking Programme ’Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies’, funded by the European Science Foundation in the years 2009-2014. It is the first attempt to introduce a wide audience to the entirety of the manuscript cultures of the Mediterranean East. The chapters reflect the state of art in such fields as codicology, palaeography, textualcriticism an text editing, cataloguing, and manuscript conservation as applied to a wide array of language traditions including Arabic, Armenian, Avestan, Caucasian Albanian, Christian Palestinian Arameic, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Slavonic, Syriac and turkish.
Seventy-seven scholars from twenty-one countries joined their efforts to produce the handbook. The resulting reference work can be recommended both to scholars and students of classical and oriental studies and all those involved in manuscript research, digital humanities, and preservation of cultural heritage.