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Origins of the Alphabet : Proceedings of the First Polis Institute Interdisciplinary Conference

- Chistophe RICO & Claudia ATTUCCI (dir.)
Cambridge, 2015

Origins of the Alphabet : Proceedings of the First Polis Institute Interdisciplinary Conference

Edited by Christophe Rico and Claudia Attucci
Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Pub, 2015
XXV-219 p.
ISBN : 978-1-4438-7746-6
£ 48
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« ... In February 2013 Polis – the Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities invited some of the leading experts studying the origins of the alphabet to Jerusalem for an interdisciplinary debate on this topic. Although the birth of the alphabet has been the subject of numerous international conferences and symposia, studies offering a linguistic, sociological or psychological perspective on the development of writing are extremely rare. This volume, bringing together the proceedings of this conference, shows that a broad consensus is emerging concerning the main factors and circumstances that surrounded the birth of the alphabet, accounting for such facets as the date of the first-known alphabetic inscriptions, the cultures involved in its invention, and the influence of the linguistic structure of the language spoken by the inventors. »


  • Marcel SIGRIST - Parole et écriture (p. 1)
  • Aaron DEMSKY - The Interface of Oral and Written Traditions in Ancient Israel : The Case of the Abecedaries (p. 17)
  • Maria Vittoria TONIETTI - The Assyrian model : Les syllabaires d’Ebla (2350 av. J.-C) et les abjads du IIe millénaire av. J.-C. (p. 49)
  • Emile PUECH : Aux sources de l’alphabet : de quelques anciens témoignages en écriture alphabétique (p. 73)
  • Orly GOLDWASSER : The Invention of the Alphabet : On “Lost Papyri” and the Egyptian “Alphabet” (p. 124)
  • Pascal VERNUS : Ecriture hiéroglyphique égyptienne et écriture protosinaïtique : une typologie comparée (p. 142)
  • Clotilde PONTECORVO and Franca ROSS - What Have We Learned about the Transition Phases to the Syllabic and Alphabetic Systems ? (p. 176)
  • Christophe RICO : Les étapes du développement de l’écriture chez l’enfant et l’histoire de l’alphabet (p. 192)

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